Team Profiles

#11: Fabien Lavoie

  • Age: 35
  • Class: 3.0
  • Hometown: Quebec City, QC
  • Residence: Vancouver, QC

Fun Fact:
Fabien started playing wheelchair rugby when he was still at a rehabilitation hospital following his spinal cord injury. Even though he was still in a halo and neck brace, he wasn’t scared of contact. He fell out of his wheelchair – much to the horror of the doctors and nurses – and was hooked. Just two years after his spinal cord injury, he was named as an alternate. The next year, he made the team. Since 2002, Fabien has provided hard hits and passion to Team Canada. In the 14 years he’s been on the team, he’s captured two Paralympic silver medals, a Paralympic bronze medal, a World Championship silver medal and a World Championship bronze medal. Recently, Fabien took his game to the next level when he moved to Vancouver to train. Today, he enjoys taking his dog to the dog park, playing video games and fishing. He’s also working on achieving another major milestone: earning his high school diploma.