Team Profiles

Byron Green

  • Age: 32
  • Class: 1.0
  • Hometown: Courtenay, BC
  • Residence: Vancouver, BC

Fun Fact:
Like many wheelchair rugby athletes in British Columbia, Byron was recruited to wheelchair rugby by the sport’s creator, Duncan Campbell. Though he initially wasn’t interested in wheelchair sports, his passion for wheelchair rugby was sparked when he moved Vancouver to studying engineering at the University of British Columbia. Byron made the team in 2013 and won silver at the 2014 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships. Already, he has earned a reputation as an intelligent, hard-working athlete who is the first to get to practice and the last to leave. In addition to his rigorous training schedule, he also works as a civil engineer. Byron also gives back to the community by recruiting new athletes, visiting rehabilitation hospitals and even coaching an introductory wheelchair rugby program. For his willingness to go above and beyond to help new athletes, he was awarded the 2013 Stan Stronge Award, which is given to an athlete with a strong sense of fair play and a dedication to excellence.