The Edmonton Steel Wheels Win The Murderball Classic

Great weather, great facility and great games! Those who had only seen Winnipeg with 12 inches of snow and -40 temperatures were pleasantly surprised by the mild weather at the Murderball Classic in Winnipeg last weekend. Congratulations to the Edmonton Steel Wheels, who successfully defended their title by going 4-0.

The final results were:

Saturday, April 18th
Manitoba 76ers vs. Team BC: 21-46
Edmonton Steel Wheels vs. Team Saskatchewan: 56-35
Calgary Inferno vs. Team BC: 34-45
Manitoba 7ers vs. Team Saskatchewan: 32-45
Calgary Inferno vs. Edmonton Steel Wheels: 37-57
Team BC vs. Team Saskatchewan: 50-26

Sunday, April 19th
Manitoba 76ers vs. Edmonton Steel Wheels: 24-46
Calgary Inferno vs. Team Saskatchewan: 43-31
Team BC vs. Edmonton Steel Wheels: 35-45
Calgary Inferno vs. Manitoba 76ers: 36-38

The final standings were:

Edmonton Steel Wheels: 4 – 0
Team BC: 3-1
Calgary Inferno: 1-3
Team Saskatchewan: 1-3
Manitoba 76ers: 1- 3

Thanks to Bruce Crosby for providing this update and the photos!