Andy's Blog: 2014 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships - Day 10

Phew!  What a day!  While most of Canada was sleeping your team was gutting out a double overtime win, 59-58, against Great Britain.  It had all the excitement you could ask for with Canada coming close on two occasions to close out the game, but turned the ball over once, and had a last mili-second goal accepted for GB.  We did not execute to the level we wanted but in the end, the team stuck to it and supported each other to the end.  Zak Madell played an exceptional game playing virtually the entire match. 

Following the game, Kevin Orr emphasized that, ‘world champions have to face adversity and beat it’.  We did just that!  Following a few hours of rest and recovery (not to mention baby aspirin for those of us with minor heart issues!) we faced Belgium.  The depth of our team came through as we rolled the lineups and gave a few key players some rest.  In the end the win, 65-46, was just what we planned and now we face the Australians in the last game of the pool play tomorrow at 12.30 pm, Denmark time.  Spirits are high and the pressure is on, but we look forward to the challenge!