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Andy's Blog: Final Day in Australia

The final game against Australia started extremely well with both teams trading blows and causing turnovers.  At halftime both teams were even, but Australia took advantage of our ball-handling errors to squeeze out a 64-58 score.  The game was high-paced and there was a lot of attacking play by both sides.  Although the final game was extremely disappointing the 12-game trip has been very successful.  We certainly have gained a lot of valuable information about our line-ups and the strengths and weaknesses of Australia. 

Andy's Blog: It's all tied up!

G’day from Australia!

Day 2 of the competition against Australia started with a disappointing loss to Australia, 59-52.  The team got off to a poor start with some unforced turnovers.  But, the team re-focused and closed the gap to four points before losing out at the end of the game with desperate play to try to gain the last few points. 

Andy's Blog: Our Down Under Tour Part 2

Canada went 7 wins and 0 losses to win the Fierce Four Tournament in Melbourne.  The final against New South Wales proved to be an exciting match as Ryley Batt went head-to-head with a number of different line-ups for Canada.  Canada outlasted NSW with a 61-58 score.  The game was a good test for the players as they continue to make their case to be selected to the Toronto 2015 Para Pan Am Games. 

Andy's Blog: 2014 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships - Game Day!

Game Day!  The gold Medal Match is where we wanted to be on the final day.  As the saying goes, ’you have to be in it to win it!’  Last night, the players and staff returned to our hotel, on the same bus as the Americans (we acted with class!) and got in a great recovery session.  We initiated our video prep for the Aussies starting the game planning just prior to bed!  I bet you could guess what the players dreamed about.  The team has had a great start to the day, resting prior to our 4 pm match. 

Andy's Blog: 2014 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships - Day 11

Canada beats USA!  That’s right – we took it to the Americans and beat them in OT 59-56.  An amazing, fast game that had few mistakes from either side!  Two lines carried for Canada with the 3.5 / 2.5 /1/1 (Zak/Ian/Trevor/Patrice Dagenais) carrying the bulk of the load. The preparation was perfect and the belief from the team was evident throughout the game.

Andy's Blog: 2014 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships - Day 10

Phew!  What a day!  While most of Canada was sleeping your team was gutting out a double overtime win, 59-58, against Great Britain.  It had all the excitement you could ask for with Canada coming close on two occasions to close out the game, but turned the ball over once, and had a last mili-second goal accepted for GB.  We did not execute to the level we wanted but in the end, the team stuck to it and supported each other to the end.  Zak Madell played an exceptional game playing virtually the entire match. 

Andy's Blog: 2014 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships - Day 9

Two games completed and two wins towards the Gold Medal.  Our first game was a great start to the tournament.  Denmark played very strong, no doubt bolstered by their strong performance against Belgium.  We were able to play our rotations and settle into the tournament with a strong finish to the match.  To put the game into context and the strength of Denmark, they lost today by only seven goals to Australia who played their strongest line-ups. 

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